• VASCO Project

    VASCO Project

    Virtual Studio for Security Concepts and Operations is an FP7 RTD project carried out by world-class international organisations with the support of the European Commission.
  • Automatic Indoor Reconstruction

    Automatic Indoor Reconstruction

    Innovative methods enable to create 3D buldings based on easily aquired informations such as photography or ...
  • Natural User Interface

    Natural User Interface

    An unprecedented user interface combining the latest technological advances to allow natural and intuitive interaction for non computer-expert...
  • Virtual Security Editor

    Virtual Security Editor

    Create and test security planning directly on 3D environment. Plan security measures visualizing every useful element, and simulate missions to test its efficiency ...
  • Security Knowledge Sharing

    Security Knowledge Sharing

    An extensible database of security plan available through secured Web access to face multiple type of menace...
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  • The VASCO Success Story!

    2017-12-31 14:33:45

    Following the completion of the VASCO project, which ended in May 2017 with an "Excellent" mark, the European Commission flaged VASCO as a success story and released an article in its Horizon - The EU Research & Innovation Magazine

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  • New VASCO press release

    2017-07-31 13:33:45

    DIGINEXT is proud to announce a press release from the European Commission presenting its VASCO project for both the study and evaluation of the security of sensitive buildings using virtual reality technologies: http://cordis.europa.eu/result/rcn/201298_en.html

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  • Discover VASCO in Action !

    2017-05-15 08:42:59
    The VASCO consortium is proud to present the project results in a video, explaining the context and the process of planning and assessing security concepts and measures for government buildings, critical infrastructures and mass gatherings.
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  • Holographic visualization

    2017-04-24 16:18:49
    The HolLens augmented reality headset has been integrated into the VASCO project thanks to Immersion. Discover is capacities and use for the project in the following video:
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  • 2nd Review Meeting

    2017-04-19 15:26:10
    28 April - Bordeaux

    The second and last review of the VASCO project will take place in Bordeaux. European Commision repsentatives will be there to evaluate the work done during the second period of the project.

    The consortium

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  • 4th End-User Workshop

    2017-01-31 15:07:31
    22 February - Athens

    The fourth and last end-user workshop of the VASCO project will take place in Athens on the 22 nd of February. During this workshop en-users will discover the Final Release of the VASCO sytem:

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  • VASCO presented in China

    2016-12-16 15:56:00

    November the 25 th 2016, DIGINEXT was in Nanjing, China, to present its 3D cartographic product, VirtualGeo .

    The VASCO project was chosen to demonstrate the interest of highly detailed cartographic data, such as to plan and assess

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  • Training Strategic Leaders

    2016-12-02 11:15:13

    Exploring Emerging Technologies for Training Strategic Leaders. In this and the following chapter, ways in which mature and emerging technologies can help to make crisis management training and exercises more effective, efficient, and better adapted to the

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  • Siggraph Asia 2016

    2016-11-25 11:26:04
    5-8 December - Macao

    Recent advances in acquisition, reconstruction and exploration of indoor environments with the aid of mobile devices will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, in Macao, on December 5-8,

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  • VASCO was present at the Fourth International Workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics (ACVPR 2016) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - on October 9th, 2016. The presented research results were focused on indoor visualisation, more information available below

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  • VASCO @ ISCRAM-med

    2016-11-24 15:48:05

    Results of the VASCO project have been presented at the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response And Management in Mediterannern Countries (ISCRAM-Med 2016) in Madrid, Spain, in October 26-28, 2016. For those who couldn't

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  • 3rd End-User Workshop

    2016-10-24 15:31:20
    18 November - Leiden

    The VASCO consortium will meet in Leiden for its 3 rd End-User Workshop to present the final release of the VASCO system. End-users extern to the project have been invited to discover the possibilities

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  • 2nd ICT forum in Athens

    2016-06-21 14:13:48
    KEMEA partner presented the VASCO project results at the 2 nd ICT forum in Athens, Greece on May 25, 2016. It was the opportunity to show the project progress to an ICT audience who was very interested
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  • Presentation for TU Delft !

    2016-04-27 08:28:56
    Crisisplan has demonstrated the VASCO project results to many Dutch end users, including security experts from the Technical University of Delft. Feedback from these demos is positive and will help shape the final system developments !
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  • Presentation @ SIMOPS 2016

    2016-04-19 09:39:50
    DIGINEXT presented the VASCO project results at the SIMulation OPerationelle (SIMOPS) exhibition, in the city of Saumur, France. DIGINEXT showed the functionalities of the VASCO DMU Editor and the Security Editor tools, from the preparation of the
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  • French National Security

    2016-04-15 13:11:50
    DIGINEXT presented the VASCO project to the French Defence and National Security Department which showed great interest in this tool to enable civil security forces to prepare, plan, discuss and assess the envisionned tactics and response. Discussions
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  • VASCO presented @ ISNR !

    2016-03-25 14:00:21
    The VASCO project was presented by DIGINEXT at the International Exhibition for National Security & Resilience 2016 in Abu Dhabi, from March 15 to 17. It was the oppotunity to demonstrate the project results which were appreciated by
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  • VASCO @ ISCRAM 2016 !

    2016-02-05 16:39:45

    The VASCO project will present its first results at the The 13th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2016) which will be take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May 22-25,

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  • Research results of the VASCO project focusing on indoor reconstruction has been selected for a publication and presentation at the IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision ! It will be held March 7-9, 2016 at the

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  • The VASCO consortium will meet to review and evaluate the project's technical progress as well as to define the future steps to meet upcoming validation challenges. The meeting will take place in the Netherlands and will be
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  • VASCO @ Display Week 2016 !

    2016-01-06 14:36:42
    May 22-27, 2016
    The VASCO project results will be presented at the Society Information Display during the Display Week 2016 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition which will be held on May 22-27 2016 at the Moscone Covention
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  • Infrastructure Workshop

    2015-12-14 08:06:18
    Critical Infrastructure Protection Workshop, Athens, 14-15 December 2015
    KE.ME.A (Center for Security Studies) and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission jointly organized a two-day workshop - educational program on "Protection of Critical Infrastructures”. The event gathered
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  • Brief your intervention

    2015-10-16 16:00:22
    Discover the VASCO system to plan and brief your interventions by watching the following video.
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  • 1st Review Meeting

    2015-10-16 14:11:00
    25-26 November - Toulouse

    After the presentation of the VASCO beta release, the VASCO consortium will meet for evaluation of the project by the European Commission representatives.

    The review will take place in Toulouse on the 25th and

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  • 2nd End-User Workshop

    2015-04-29 12:36:00
    18 September - Stockholm

    The VASCO consortium will travel to Stockholm to present the beta version of the system at the Swedish Defence University. Around 20 end users have been invited for a presentation and demonstration of the

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  • 7-8 July - Toulouse

    End-users will come to Toulouse to validate the capacities of the VASCO system at this date. Validating the improvements since the alpha meeting will alow us to refine the system for the beta release.

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  • Interactive Mapping

    2015-01-22 12:59:00
    Interactive mapping of indoor building structures through mobile devices We present a practical system to map and reconstruct multi-room indoor structures using the sensors commonly available in commodity smartphones. Our approach combines and extends state-of-the-art results to
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  • Stereo-browsing

    2015-01-22 09:17:00
    Stereo-browsing from Calibrated Cameras Modern Structure-from-Motion (SfM) methods enable the registration of a set of cameras and the reconstruction of the corresponding sparse point cloud of the object/location depicted in the input images. Despite the quality of
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  • Alpha Meeting

    2014-10-27 10:57:00
    31 March - 1 April 2015 - Bordeaux

    The VASCO alpha meeting will take place in Bordeaux on the 31st of march ans 1st of april. Immersion will receive all partners in their premises for a first trial of

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  • Explore Maps

    2014-09-12 08:43:00
    ExploreMaps: Efficient Construction and Ubiquitous Exploration of Panoramic View Graphs of Complex 3D Environments We introduce a novel efficient technique for automatically transforming a generic renderable 3D scene into a simple graph representation named ExploreMaps, where nodes
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  • Building an IT Platform

    2014-09-10 13:41:00
    Building an IT Platform for Strategic Crisis Management Preparation This paper presents the result of the work achieved in the frame of three successive European Projects, which aimed to build an innovative system to assist security managers
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  • Effective Mobile Mapping

    2014-09-10 11:24:00
    Effective Mobile Mapping of Multi-room Indoor Structures We present a system to easily capture building interiors and automatically generate floor plans scaled to their metric dimensions. The proposed approach is able to manage scenes not necessarily limited
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  • 1st Technical Meeting

    2014-06-25 08:24:00
    15-16 October 2014 - Bordeaux

    The first VASCO technical meeting took place on the 15th and 16th of October in Bordeaux. The partners were able to define the technical means to achieve the main functionalities of VASCO. The

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  • 1st End-User Workshop

    2014-04-03 14:20:00
    19-20 June 2014 - Athens

    The first end-user workshop of the VASCO project, gathering its partners from all over europe, took place on the 19th and 20th of June in Athens. During this meeting the VASCO consortium discussed

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  • European Union Magazine

    2014-03-28 17:00:22

    EU Research for a Secure Society May 2014

    VASCO / Virtual Studio for Security Concepts and Operations

    Project objectives:

    The concentrated localisation of government

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  • Project Kick-Off

    2014-02-04 14:59:00
    24-26 March 2014 - Toulouse

    The VASCO project kick-off meeting took place from the 24th to the 26th of March in Toulouse.

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