Results of the VASCO project have been presented at the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response And Management in Mediterannern Countries (ISCRAM-Med 2016) in Madrid, Spain, in October 26-28, 2016. For those who couldn't be there, keep reading!

Towards Integral Security Concepts for Government Buildings Through Virtual Facility Reconstruction

This paper presents VASCO, a Virtual Studio for Security Concepts and Operations. It is based on an innovative multifunctional ICT platform that enhances security design and strengthens security measures for government buildings. VASCO enables security professionals to virtually reconstruct government buildings, their surrounding environment and overlay their existing security means. The security community can validate actual solutions and search for the best practices by simulating diverse types of threats in high-resolution, realistic though virtual environments. Responding to an emergency, which involves a multitude of affected stakeholders and actors necessitates the involvement of a number of state owned agents and organizations. The need for making decisions using a common operational view, sharing information, exchanging data and planning coordinated actions is prerequisite. VASCO is a solution aiming to provide an important leap from present-day security planning methodologies and tools, to more sophisticated and efficient security solutions.


Towards Integral Security Concepts for Government Buildings Through Virtual Facility Reconstruction. Georgios Leventakis, George Kokkinis and Athanasios Sfetsos. Third International Conference, ISCRAM-med 2016, Madrid, Spain, October 26-28, 2016, Proceedings