Project Kick-Off

24-26 March 2014 - Toulouse
The Kick Off Meeting of the VASCO project was held in the city of the coordinator, Toulouse, in France. The meeting took place in a meeting room of the hotel Le Clocher de Rodez located in the historical centre of the city. It was a convenient place to meet !

During this meeting, the partners shared their interested and involvement for a virtual studio for security concepts and operations. Technical partners showed technical highlights that they have previously developed and that can be useful for VASCO purposes.
Presentation and live demonstration of the INDIGO results were shown, which is a good basis to start upon. Moreover a presentation of DIGINEXT's VIRTUAL GEO and INSCAPE technology were shown, which are the core elements of the INDIGO framework.

CNR and CRS4 showed the 3DNsite technology and presented the advances they envision for VASCO purposes, 4DNside, a system to easily capture building interiors and automatically generate floor plans scaled to their metric dimension, exploiting the integrated instruments commonly available on commodity smartphones. They also showed the results of a technology they are currently developing, Xplore maps, which reveals interesting navigation metaphors within indoor environments.

Stay tuned for more information !