Infrastructure Workshop

Critical Infrastructure Protection Workshop
Critical Infrastructure Protection Workshop, Athens, 14-15 December 2015
KE.ME.A (Center for Security Studies) and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission jointly organized a two-day workshop - educational program on "Protection of Critical Infrastructures”. The event gathered an audience of more than 160 representatives / operators of National critical infrastructures from the energy, transport, water, and communications sector, and officials from the Hellenic Government. • Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, (Police, Fire Service, Civil Protection) • Ministry of Health, • Ministry of Environment and Energy, • Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks • Ministry of Marine and Island Policy and • Ministry of Finance • General Secretariat of Information and Communications The workshop also was enriched with sectorial presentations from DG Immigration and Home Affairs, Joint Research Center (JRC) and the Dutch Ministry for Protection and Justice. VASCO was presented as part of KEMEA’s current research activities in the CIP domain. The presentation was followed by 4 hands-on demos at the current version of VASCO which KEMEA hosted for the Dutch Ministry for Protection and Justice Delegation, the Athens International Airport, the Public Power Corporation and Hellenic Petroleum Company representatives.