Crisisplan is an SME established in 2001 as an independent crisis management consultancy firm. Crisisplan currently employs 9 crisis specialists and is based in Leiden, The Netherlands. Crisisplan has experienced steady growth and is now considered one of the leading consultancy firms in the Netherlands.

Based on a clear vision on crisis management and security concepts, Crisisplan offers consultancy, training and tailor-made preparation programs in the field of crisis and disaster management, both in the public and private sector. Crisisplan integrates innovative methods, scientific insights and practical experience in its activities and products.

Crisisplan has built a wide client base, which includes public organizations (ministries, provinces, municipalities, universities, hospitals), private companies (such as banks, telecom and energy companies) and international organizations (EC’s DG Sanco, UNDP, ENISA, European Space Agency).

Crisisplan was an active member of the user group of the CRIMSON PASR project and contributed to both its specification and validation. Crisisplan has been involved as a partner in both the INDIGO and ESPONDER FP7 projects where it provided its expertise in crisis management and training.

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